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Five steps for proper carpet care

If you get into a routine, and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it. And understanding the right way to clean carpet will help you save time by doing it correctly the first time with products that do the job right the first time. Below are five steps to keeping your carpet clean and looking great.

  1. Vacuum Regularly - Since most of the dry soil and debris in your carpet, upholstery and draperies can be removed with frequent vacuuming, it's a great way to improve air quality and protect your investment from premature wear.
  2. Clean spots and spills quickly - Look for safe spotting solutions and procedures in our Spot Removal Tips section.
  3. Don't wait until your carpet, rugs, and hard flooring have noticeable traffic patterns to have them cleaned . By then the damage is already done, and may be irreversible.
  4. Change the air filters in your home's heating and air-conditioning systems as recommended by the manufacturer's directions. The more dust and particles removed by the filter, the less there is to collect in your furnishings, flooring and duct work.
  5. Proferssional Deep Cleaning on a regular basis. Have your furnishings and flooring professionally cleaned regularly. It makes good sense for both health and economic reasons. Our cleaning removes embedded dirt and grime, and damage causing oxides and pollutants, that shorten the life of your home's beautiful furnishings. We have the training, equipment and specialized cleaning solutions to exceed your expectations, quickly and safely.

Stop dirt at the door.

Preventing dirt and grime from getting on the carpet, rugs and flooring in the first place is a great way to start keeping it clean. The following helpful hints can stop dirt in its tracks.

  • Use mats - Outdoor and indoor mats or runners can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home.
  • Take off your shoes - You can save wear and tear on all flooring types by taking your shoes off before entering your home.