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Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether your business has 1,000 square feet of tile or natural stone or 100,000 square feet of carpet, you have an enormous investment in the initial cost. The need to take care of this investment becomes clear as you start to see premature wear and aging. At Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration, we are the authority in restoring and maintaining your business' flooring.

We can remedy problems that other companies would consider impossible. Our knowledge ensures a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and customers. With over 33 years experience, we can custom fit a one-time cleaning or maintenance program around your business' working schedule. Don't settle for anything less than being part of Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration's family of commercial clients.

We currently maintain several businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and will select the best fit for your company or business; explain the benefits and tailor a program that maximizes your flooring maintenance budget. No matter the size of your firm, we promise to look at your project providing honest, sound and practical advice.

Trust us as so many others have, and put the power of our cleaning firm to work for you.

Commercial carpet cleaning
Commercial floor cleaning

Encapsulation Technology (ET)

Can take your business to a whole different level

Just another example of putting our customers first is the introduction of encapsulation cleaning. Encapsulation blends the better of two worlds; chemistry and physics. Encapsulation is a perfect choice for customers in high-traffic or large commercial settings with the need to clean their carpeted surfaces in an on-going manner. The results are nothing short of amazing.

How does encapsulation technology work? First we emulsify all the oil and physical contaminants within your carpeting, surround each molecule with an acrylic-polymer barrier that prevents it from reattaching itself to the fibers while drawing it to the surface using controlled evaporation. This immediately allows the carpet to return to its original orientation so that it looks its best, not just after cleaning, but between cleanings. Approved by all major carpet mills, encapsulation cleaning could be the perfect option for your commercial grade olefin, polyester or nylon surface. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about ET and you'll be amazed to find out that you didn't need to settle for the results you've been getting. There are better options.

High Performance Portable Extraction (HPPE)

Going where no truck mount can go

Due to many factors such as security, access or project location, there is no "one size fits all" answer, despite what you may have been sold before. High Performance Portable Extraction is another alternative that Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration offers to keep your project looking its best. Using only the most powerful portable systems available, we can utilize proper chemistry and outperform our competitors "best" every day results. And we do it every day, all day long.


Our customers have asked for, and been given, choices that best serve their individual circumstances. Our promise is that no system we utilize will ever compromise your standards, our results and especially our relationship. Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration constantly educates its people and searches for better ways to meet our customers' goals while providing the best results possible in every situation.

Commercial Water Extraction
Commercial tile cleaning

Caring for all types of hard surface flooring

Ceramic tile, terrazzo and marble surfaces are just some of the additional hard floor surfaces that Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration can help you maintain. Our commercial accounts want and expect a company that is proficient at all its flooring surfaces. At Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration we are properly equipped, properly trained and have specialized employees to handle each of these surfaces on either a large or small scale. Whether you need a commercial face-lift or an on-going service contract, you'll want to consider Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration.

Trust is the Key . . .

You can TRUST that we'll treat you and your company with the care and respect that you expect and deserve.

You can TRUST that we'll work hard to accomplish the tasks that we've agreed to preform for you, on time, on budget and without compromise.

You can TRUST that if mistakes are made, we'll resolve the problem without compromise to our relationship.

If you're just learning about Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration, then let us introduce you to a whole new level of results and relationship.

If you're currently a Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration client, then THANK YOU for choosing us for your cleaning and restoration needs.

Call TODAY and see what a difference Dry Master Cleaning & Restoration can make.

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